I look forward to expanding the way your vision relates to your target market.

I do almost everything myself, which affords you the luxury of paying lower prices. In addition, I deliver dependable, in-depth, personal service to you. Larger facilities generally have a hierarchy of art professionals they must go through before the delivery of an idea reaches you. Contrary to what you may assume, you can actually have no control over who designs your projects. You may have to rely on a myriad of countless representatives to communicate your needs to the design team second-hand. With GOAT45 Design, you encounter a personal one on one experience that brings your projects to fruition, quickly and confidently.

GOAT45 Design will design logo concepts for your business based on your vision, preferences, and guidelines you provide. You will be given a series of logos to choose from, and I'll make sure you're completely satisfied with the results before moving on. Once we’ve agreed on the logo, the artwork is presented to you again for a final review and approval stage. Your logo will be delivered to you in vector and other various formats so that it can be enlarged to any size and used as you wish.