Creative and innovative marketing solutions at a fraction of typical advertising costs.

GOAT45 Design is an Austin, Texas based graphic design hub owned and operated by me, Shad Chancey. I created GOAT45 Design as a way to offer affordable, quality design for individuals and their small business needs. I was the co-founder and brand ambassador of Grossen Bart Brewery in Longmont., Colorado from 2012-2017. I branded and marketed the brewery from the ground up. So if there is one thing I know, through trial and tribulation, it's "marketing." I'm now working at Applied Research Laboratories at the University of Texas. I'm what you would call an "X-Files" style photographer. "The Truth is Out There." I work for the DOD and photograph classified top-secret government projects and research missions. I also design a lot of case sensitive materials for government internal use. Big change from Colorado brewing for sure! My primary focus is to take your vision, coupled with my skills, and elevate it to a higher level of visibility and attractiveness. Without "unique design", you’re less likely to grab the attention of the clientele you desire. Through years of experience and extensive training, I've learned what it takes to provide you with the most innovative solutions for print, web, & multimedia needs.

What can GOAT45 Design do for you?
• Complete Collateral Packages
• Strategic Marketing: ie, direct mail and email campaigns
• Website Development and Website Maintenance
• Custom Photography

Whether it's something completely new and unique, or improving what already exists, quality workmanship and experience, paired with affordable prices, is what GOAT45 Design encompasses.



GOAT45's authentic style, fluid design, and comprehensive solutions in conjunction with in depth research, analysis, and creative thinking allow you, the client, to reap the benefits of a well organized project from conception to completion.



GOAT45 Design
works one on one with each person to make sure the experience is an enjoyable one. You decide what’s most important, and I take your information, and work diligently to provide you with the highest quality of design possible.










GOAT45 Design listens to you, comes up with a unique vision that represents your ideas, and creates a bold design that sends a direct message to your clients. Each design is submitted to you for review and final decision.


Your final decision is taken into post production where GOAT45 Design reviews the copy, image, and any illustrations.

A final proof will be submitted for approval at this stage.


To ensure your satisfaction, GOAT45 Design creates guidelines that separate your new brand and identity from others.